Cameron has been pursuing the craft of acting since discovering its transformative effect at a young age. He comes from a family with a strong background in professional theatre. As a young adult he attended the Governor’s School of North Carolina as well as the University of North Carolina School of the Arts during his senior year of high school, both with acting concentrations. Up until this point Cameron had also been developing skills in voice over at two south eastern companies: Procomm Studios and Sunspots Productions. While training at Rutgers, Cameron delved into interpreting Shakespeare’s texts at the Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. While there, he participated in the annual Sam Wanamaker Festival, a celebration of Shakespeare’s plays performed by students from the UK’s acting conservatories. Most recent credits include a co-starring role in the season 3 premiere of the Emmy Award winning show Bloodline.

Mission Statement:

A healthily connected world requires artists that embrace and nurture inclusion through honest storytelling and a dedication to the whole human experience. I’ve chosen to walk that path and lend my skills to that pursuit.